About Us

Rent A Maid is the most affordable domestic and corporate cleaning service you will find. We offer the best cleaning service for the job.

Rent A Maid has proudly been Durban’s market leader with more than 25 years of cleaning experience. Our head office is in Hillcrest and branches are located in Ballito, Glenwood, Hillcrest, Pietermaritzburg, Randburg, Roodepoort and Edenvale. Please read some of our clients recent testimonials.

Rent A Maid handles all employee admin such as UIF, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, family responsibility leave, injuries on duty, training levies and Government taxes. You avoid the risk of employment and hire with peace of mind. You have greater flexibility to cut costs by stopping the service during vacations. We have job seekers knocking on our doors daily and are thus fortunate to employ those we consider to be the best, enabling you to choose from a broad spectrum of screened reliable domestic help.

Dismissing your own employee is a hazardous task. Rent A Maid’s twenty five year of labour law expertise enables us to tackle the worst scenarios and even if we can’t we call on our panel of independent Labour Consultants (Caesar) who ensure that harmony is restored. So why even consider employing when you can have Rent A Maid’s legal team on your side at no extra cost? We challenge you to source a competitor who offers you such peace of mind at such a competitive cost.

Perhaps the overwhelming advantage of outsourcing through Rent A Maid as opposed to employing is that Rent A Maid will supply a replacement cleaner immediately if you are in any way dissatisfied with your current cleaner’s performance. No one gets dismissed without a fair enquiry. We register new customers daily and she/he could be reassigned to a new customer and be more productive in the new job.

Note that if you elected not to use Rent A Maid, as and employer you will be obliged to give three warnings for the same offence within six months before dismissing your employee. Your hands are tied as an employer and the scales of justice in SA tilt heavily in favour of your employee.