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As a national leader in the supply of professional cleaning services, Rent A Maid has become a well-known name in the South African service industry. With 25 franchises in operation and 28 years of experience, Rent A Maid South Africa has established a successful franchise network across the country that offers investors ample earning potential.

At R65 000 you can own a Rent A Maid South Africa franchise and become your own boss! Email the franchise division below and supply your name, residential address and contact number, and we’ll get back to you with all you need to know about Rent A Maid cleaning franchise opportunities.

Rent A Maid Franchise Benefits

Access to intellectual property and the right to operate under the trade-marked Rent A Maid brand name

Access to our confidential concept and marketing strategy with three days training

No marketing fee charged (minimum spend of R1500 per month)

Government registration guidance for PAYE, UIF, Income Tax, Workmen’s Compensation, etc.

Facebook page and email of your franchise is setup

Franchise fee also includes a laptop with company software installed

Free updates in design and programming of group software

Royalty 7% of sales from month six

Assistance with admin stationery, marketing and sourcing of cleaners

Franchisee Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Training and initial staff recruitment will take place over three days at the nearest Franchisor owned branch office (or at the nearest Franchisee’s office or a provincial Franchise Manager will visit your premises, both for an additional fee). Recruitment is covered in the training.

We have an independent group supplier of quality workwear from whom you will order and have couriered. Two free uniform sets for five cleaners are included in the franchise fee and will be covered in your first bulk order.

There is no marketing fee charged monthly in addition to the 7% royalty on sales. However, you are obliged to spend R1500 per month on advertising to grow the business. Successful marketing techniques will be shared at the training and you will be given guidance and support to maximize sales.

Most certainly. Written testimonials are included in this brochure as well as operating Franchisee email addresses and images.

Your Regional Franchise Manager is highly experienced and runs Franchisor-owned branches. She is a phone call or text away. Should she be unavailable, the Franchisor may be contacted to solve any problem you might incur or question you might have. We are a big “family” and fellow Franchisees are also there to offer support. Finally, the group’s software programmer, Jonathan Hargraves of The Web Elite, Kim Hunter from BACKmeUP provides his hosting service as well as email services for all the franchisees and our website (www.rentamaid.co.za) manager, Matt Dean from Mad Happy Media will also assist.

Yes, the bottom-ranking sales franchises struggle possibly owing to the fact that they either run other businesses in parallel or are not hands-on supporting their appointed managers. In addition, their marketing budgets fall way short of the norm. Being generally distant from the “coal face”, they have no rapport with their customers and rely solely on their managers to grow the business.

Yes, you may do so. However, a transfer of ownership fee equivalent to 25% of the cost of a new franchise at the time is payable.

Yes, you may apply to do so provided that you show that you have researched the field in question and have obtained the franchisor’s permission.

The current cost is R65 000. 

Yes, this is known as a “Royalty”. From sales month six you would pay the Franchisor 7% excluding VAT of your sales subject to a minimum royalty.

No, this is a full time occupation, and you need to be hands-on. You do however have plenty of spare time to grow your franchise and be with your family as the busy time is from 7am to 9am.

The franchise fee, day to day running expenses for example rent (unless run from home initially), fuel, cellular phone, internet, spring cleaning equipment. The company software will be accessed through a link on your computer. 

It all depends on how much you are prepared to spend on marketing, the amount of effort you put in, how much time you devote to make sure clients and staff are happy.

The success of the business will depend on the hours you are prepared to put in. As the business grows you might have a few hours to yourself during the day. The office usually opens at 7am and closes at 4pm. You should only be busy from 7am to 9am most days.

Usually on 21 September annually before the festive season arrives.

Research on your competitors’ prices will be necessary and the Franchisor will guide you on staff remuneration.

The Franchisor will determine these based upon the territories of your franchise neighbours (if any at the time). Usually a 20-30 kilometre radius is standard.

The name of the brand speaks for itself. Being part of a well-known franchise always puts you one step ahead of your competitors. You will receive training and guidance from a brand leader as well as sophisticated computer software online to run the business. Rent A Maid has been around for 28 years and the Franchisor has a vested interest in the brand’s longevity being the owner of seven branches: Durban, Pinetown, Hillcrest, Edenvale, Bedfordview, Randburg, Nelspruit.

You will need to put in the effort to run a successful franchise. Once you’re up and running smoothly, you can become flexible and work at your own pace. Enriching the lives of others through job creation is a wonderful and rewarding feeling. Rent A Maid franchises can also be very profitable, as the top sales earners have discovered.

Yes, you can. It’s entirely up to you to grow the business to what you want it to be. There have been huge successes.

That’s entirely up to you. The more effort you put in the greater your sales. Advertising plays a major role. We will guide you in this department.

Most definitely. We’re creating jobs for most single mothers who have to educate and feed their children. Clients who are satisfied refer Rent A Maid to other clients. Clients compliment you and your staff on a job well done. Knowing you’ve made a positive difference is all the reward you need.

Franchise Opportunities in South Africa


Northern Cape

Free State

Kwa-Zulu Natal


Eastern Cape

Western Cape

North West


Looking for Funding?

Libra Small Business Consultants

What we offer:

  • 21 years high quality, business plan writing experience tailored for Rent A Maid franchisees.
  • Helpful step-by-step guidance and ongoing support throughout the funding application process..
  • Professional personal service and guidance by ex-banker with 28 years banking experience
  • Practical solutions designed to boost your business.
  • High quality investor pitches to add to your plan.
  • Business plans with the right content and financial data.
  • Guidelines of how to present your documents to any bank/investor.

Libra Business Consultants review the following on all Business Plans:

  • All key sections to ensure everything is covered.
  • Proper Table of Contents.
  • All key points explained clearly and substantiated facts about Rent A Maid is provided.
  • Our target market is clearly defined and realistic goals to reach your audience are set.
  • Rent A Maid’s financial Forecast/Projections are provided.
  • We prepare your pitch – The ability to pitch your business to a funding institution or investor is a core skill for any aspiring entrepreneur. Having it undergo a review amounts to a “stress test” for your business plan
  • We read through the text of the business plan with an eye toward evaluating whether it provides a realistic assessment of Rent A Maid’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the market environment in which it operates.
  • Libra assesses the financial section of your plan very thoroughly. We calculate whether this sum will be sufficient to achieve the goals outlined in the business plan, and whether the projections for growing the business and paying off the loan seem realistic and grounded.

Looking for funding??

You will need a Professional Business Plan and Assistance.

Contact us now for professional/personal help by an ex-bank manager with 28 years banking experience.


For as little as R65 000 you can invest in your own future and become your own boss. 

Rent A Maid SA was founded in the 1980’s as a response to the ever-increasing need for outsourced cleaning services in South Africa. We are an industry leading home and business cleaning company with 25 successful branches and franchises nationwide. We currently employ around 500 staff members, and our head office is situated in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal.

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