Permanent Staff Placement


At Rent A Maid we are most competitively priced and have a wide selection of quality candidates.

We charge a once off placement fee for domestic and corporate placements when YOU wish to employ as opposed to hiring our staff casually or permanently. This includes an admin fee in advance with the balance being settled after collection of your new employee at the interview. For prices please find the nearest RENT A MAID branch in your area listed on this website. Salaries are negotiated based upon whether she lives in or out, her hours worked, past earnings and experience. An interview of candidates will be arranged at our offices three full working days after we have received this emailed/faxed order and proof of payment of the admin fee.
The admin fee covers management’s time spent matching your specifications with suitable candidates on our placement register, making cellular phone calls to all suitable candidates and coordinating and arranging all interviews. It also covers staff travel to and from the office in the event of a cancellation. Customers have 30 days from emailing/faxing the order, to choose the first employee on a trial basis, after which the order is cancelled and the admin fee regretfully forfeited. Please note that there is no limit to the number of interviews which may be arranged during that month.
Please note that we do not charge for the replacement(s), however the only condition is that she/they must start work within three months from the date on which you placed your order.

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