Customers wishing to hire the same cleaner after day one, should place further orders with management and NOT with our cleaner, as she/he may already have been assigned to another customer.


Customers will be required to pay a fee of half the daily tariff if an order for a cleaner is cancelled after 2pm on the day prior to the cleaner being assigned. A cleaner already assigned might not be reachable after this time. The cleaner is reimbursed for transport and time spent. Every effort will be made to contact the cleaner to avoid this charge.


Customers are required to pay the company and not the cleaner. Since RENT A MAID’s sales month runs from the 21st of the current month to the 20th of the following month, regular customers should please ensure that payment for the full month reaches our banking account mid-way by the 7th . Note that the service could be suspended if payment does not reach RENT A MAID by the 7th. Effectively, customers will receive credit from the 21st to the 7th and pay in advance from the 8th to the 20th. Customers’ accounts may remain in credit for days on which the service was not supplied and for which they have paid in advance, or a refund can be requested. New customers, once-offs and casual customers are required to PAY IN FULL IN ADVANCE for all days up to and including the 20th.


To avoid an invoice from Rent A Maid to recover bank charges on a cash deposit, an electronic transfer is the required method of payment. Please e-mail your proof of payment to our offices.


Customers are requested NOT TO OFFER EMPLOYMENT to our staff. Since the screening process of cleaners is arduous and costly, a placement fee of R6 900 will be charged. We do not promote the placement of our RENT A MAID cleaners but will however discount this fee to R4 025 if our offices are given a month’s notice by a customer wishing to employ our cleaner. Payment of the latter is due two weeks before placement, the customer is required to collect the new employee from our offices on day one and to provide proof of payment. We have a separate placement division with its own placement register and customers are requested to follow this route to save on costs and avoid an unpleasant situation. Should a customer / previous customer purposefully conceal the fact that a RENT A MAID staff member has been, or is being privately employed by that customer on a full-time or casual basis, whether that employee is still currently employed by RENT A MAID or has resigned, absconded or even been dismissed, or is being hired from a competitor within a period of 6 months from the last day on which that customer hired that RENT A MAID employee, RENT A MAID will charge the full placement fee of R6 900. Customers are URGED TO NOTIFY RENT A MAID of any employment intentions, to avoid an investigation if it is suspected that an undisclosed placement has occurred. RENT A MAID reserves the right to carry out an investigation if it is suspected that a cleaner might be working privately for a customer / previous customer while in RENT A MAID’s employ, or if a customer discontinues use of the service and this coincides with that cleaner absconding or resigning shortly thereafter.


In the event that a debt / placement fee is not paid timeously, the customer will be liable for interest thereon at 2% per month from invoice date, as well as all tracing and/or legal costs incurred by RENT A MAID on attorney and own client basis, once the debt is handed over to its attorneys for collection.


Domestic: KwaZulu Natal Monday – Friday 8.30am – 3.45pm Saturday 8.00am – 3.15pm (30 min lunch break)
Gauteng Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm Saturday 8.00am – 4.00pm (30 min lunch break)
Corporate / Complexes: All branches Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 3.45pm (total of 75 min breaks)


Should the customer be a sole trader or a close corporation, the owner/sole trader or member of the close corporation hereby binds him/herself in his/her personal capacity as surety for a Co-Principal Debtor in solidum with the customer of all his/her/its obligations under this agreement.


RENT A MAID hires its employee to a customer at that customer’s risk and thus accepts no liability for damages or losses. Although staff is well screened prior to employment and thefts seldom occur, RENT A MAID will supply all necessary info if theft is suspected. Despite Rent A Maid’s willingness to prosecute to maintain credibility, the SA Police insists on the “victim” (customer) laying the charge. The customer also indemnifies RENT A MAID against any claim which might arise.


RENT A MAID reserves the right to increase fees annually on 21 September and to amend the Conditions of Service. Cleaning staff
will receive their increases on 21 December. Such changes will override the fees and conditions prevailing when a customer first
registered as a service user with RENT A MAID. Customers will be notified of any amended conditions and those conditions will always
appear on the back of invoices.


Customers who have cleaners working on regular days and this falls on a public holiday, will incur a nominal fee of R50 excluding VAT on those days on which the cleaner would have worked had it not been a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. Customers can however have this fee waived should an additional day’s cleaning be ordered that week.